This week on Fair City, Carol ropes Farrell into babysitting Jack while she works at Zumo’s card game as a waitress. Farell panics when he discovers Carol won’t be home in time for him to get his fix. Yvonne turns up to mind Jack, and takes a photo of Jack with Farrell passed out. She phones Louie offering him a way to get custody of Jack for good.

Later, Farrell is horrified when Yvonne reveals her plan to cause Carol to lose custody of Jack. Louie has offered her ownership of McCoy's, if she can get him Jack. Farrell refuses to help and leaves. But will he cave when it’s time to get his fix?

Tommy has an emotional return home, and insists that Judith invite Luke over after he hears that Luke was behind the installation of the ramp. However, when Tommy and Luke are alone, Tommy’s mask drops and he tells Luke that he’ll get Judith back, even if he has to kill Luke.

Luke is desperate to get Judith as far away from Tommy as possible, and surprises her with a picnic lunch. However, she cancels so she can go to a doctor’s appointment with Tommy. Later, Luke accuses Judith of still having feelings for Tommy when she refuses to leave for Canada with him.

Elsewhere, Wayne enjoys another date with Maeve, and she ends up seducing him.

Meanwhile, Vivienne is concerned when she discovers that Zumo is sleeping in a squat. Determined to get Zumo away from his father, Vivienne pleads with him to come home under no conditions and he agrees.