This week on Ramsay Street, Patrick's kidnap causes a lot of drama, while Steph finally gets the help she needs.

Having found Patrick's pram empty, Vanessa and Lucas raise the alarm and Matt swings into action. Matt quickly ascertains that Steph is responsible for the kidnapping. Things only become more dire when Toadie informs him that Steph is off her meds. Vanessa grows increasingly worried as time ticks by with no sign of her baby boy.

Meanwhile, Lauren is uncomfortable when she realises that Terese knows she and Brad used to date. Lauren asks Terese if she'd keep that information to herself for the time being, as she hasn't yet had a chance to tell Matt. In the meantime, though, Brad puts his foot in it and discloses the information to Matt, who's not happy as he confronts Lauren and asks why it's a big secret. Lauren assures him it's no big deal and she didn't tell him because she was scared he would over-react.

Elsewhere, Kyle has burned his retinas by looking directly at the sky during the eclipse, and must rest his eyes by wearing eye patches until they recover. Sheila's attempts to be helpful only serve to make things worse, and Kyle quickly realises just how hard it's going to be to live without his eyesight.

Later in the week, Lucas is forced to participate in Steph's delusion that Patrick is her son Adam, in order to get his baby away from her. Convincing Steph that he still loves her, Lucas finally persuades Steph to put the baby down, allowing him to rescue Patrick while Matt takes Steph into custody.