This week on The Square, Max realises Lauren needs serious help, while a menacing newcomer arrives in Walford.

Kirsty tells Max that she is really worried about Lauren's health but burying his head in the sand and not realising the extent of Lauren’s problem, Max tells her not to bother with a doctor and see how she is over the next couple of days. Kirsty is then thrown when Max reminds her that she has a scan booked in two weeks. Unwilling to let it go, Kirsty talks to Lauren again - she knows the signs of addiction.

Meanwhile, Dexter is full of the joys of spring knowing that as soon as Sam’s car is fixed later today, his absent father will be leaving Walford for good. Although, hating herself for it, Ava is secretly gutted and confides in Tanya. Later, Ava hides inside her house and even calls in sick to work to avoid saying goodbye to Sam.

Elsewhere, Kat enlists a reluctant Alfie to help her get through to Michael. Alfie starts to talk to Michael about Scarlett and Michael eventually breaks by bitterly mentioning the fact he is going to miss Scarlett’s first birthday this Friday. Suddenly, Michael leaps up realising that Janine will have to take Scarlett for the appointment and rushes off to find Alice  and is thrilled when Alice informs him that Scarlett has a check-up at the hospital the following day.

Later in the week, Bianca is forced to call for help when Morgan accidentally floods the kitchen. Kat arrives to find out why Bianca isn’t on the stall with her and as she explains, the doorbell goes. Bianca answers the door to Carl, assuming he is the plumber who, in no time, fixes the blocked sink. However as Bianca thanks Carl, she is completely thrown when the real plumber arrives at the door. Who is Carl?

Also, Kim welcomes Carl to stay in the B&B and finds herself uncontrollably flirting with Sam who is clearly not interested. Sam and Ava exchange cheeky text messages all day and he sneaks her in to the B&B. Things seem to be going well for the newly reunited couple but how would Dexter feel if he found out?