Yvonne pressures Farrell into lining up a big surprise for Carol, while escalating debts force Leo to consider two dubious offers from Paul and Zumo.

Yvonne steps up the pressure on Farrell to exact her revenge on Carol. Farrell interrupts Carol’s study to tell her he has a surprise for her in Vinos that evening. Could Yvonne be behind his romantic gesture? Farrell meets Carol in Vinos, and with Yvonne keenly looking on, he declares his love for her and suggests that they move into together. Yvonne tells Farrell to put more pressure on Carol, or she’ll reveal his drug habit.

Elsewhere, Luke suggests to Judith that they invite Caoimhe and Neasa to dinner. Judith frets about them rejecting their invite. Later Judith puts Neasa on the spot to accept her invitation. Neasa insists to Caoimhe that she come to dinner, and pleads with her not to leave her alone with Judith and Luke. Judith realises how much the girl’s approval means to Luke, when she sees how much effort he goes to for the dinner.

Meanwhile, Dolores overhears Sean asking Maeve about her date with Wayne. Dolores’s interest in Wayne’s love life causes her to be civil towards him. Orla embarrasses herself by being awkward when Dermot wishes Maeve well with Wayne. Orla is intrigued when Dolores shows an interest in Wayne. Orla suggests to Wayne that Dolores may be softening towards him.

Paul presents Leo with a contract for the loan, on condition Leo puts up his house or the factory building as collateral. Angry at Paul’s ‘generosity’ Leo gives him back the contract. Paul insists that he hang onto it and think about it. Carol notices how frazzled Leo is and becomes concerned for his wellbeing.