This week in the Dales, Rhona is determined to get her life back on track and heads to her first support group. She is rocked to hear of other people’s experiences and finds the attention excruciating when it is her turn to talk. Will she stay strong or bolt for the door?

Meanwhile Declan has paid the workmen hush money to not mention the bones they have found on the festival site but he worries to Megan what Katie will do, knowing she wants him to report it to the police. Katie initially assumes Declan has made the right call but later both Declan and Megan panic when Katie confronts them. She knows he hasn’t called them as work on the glamping site is continuing as normal. Declan and Megan realise there is no way out when Katie demands he call them now, but will he? Knowing it means the end of the glamping, the festival and his dreams!

Wound up by Declan’s actions Katie confides her hurt to Chas who assumes Katie knows about Charity. As Katie rails on about Declan’s big betrayal, Chas soon realises they are talking at cross purposes and quickly leaves before she gets herself into a scrape. But Katie is suspicious and later returns to quiz Chas about what she knows. Soon Chas is telling Katie about Declan’s one night stand with Charity. Katie is distraught by the extent of his dishonesty and sickened to know Jai and Cameron also know. How will Katie react, could she be planning to serve her revenge the best way - cold and with a smile?