Looking after Kylie and their unborn baby has been David’s priority over the past few weeks and in return she is now keen to repay her husband for all of his help and care. Gratefully accepting financial help from Nick, Kylie grows excitable for her surprise weekend away whilst at the same time arouses David’s curiosity more and more.

Deciding to surprise Kylie himself with flowers at home, David hides in the house when she enters chatting with Gail. As Kylie expresses her desperate hope for the baby to be David’s and not Nick’s, an eavesdropping David is left shocked and shattered by what he’s heard.

As he and Kylie head off on their trip, Kylie is none the wiser as to David’s newfound knowledge. As David battles with his emotions, he spends the night on the sofa much to his wife’s annoyance; it is not turning out to be the romantic weekend away she had planned.

But as he stands on the edge of a cliff with thoughts of his wife and brother tormenting him, David considers his options. Find out this week whether he demands the truth from his unfaithful wife and older brother or whether he has another plan in mind.

Meanwhile Ryan confesses to Steve that it’s all been a bit much too soon with Katy. Will Katy start to get the message from her new man, or will she cling on for dear life? And when Chesney flaunts his new companion in front of her how will she react?

With Izzy and Gary feeling like they’ve been slapped in the face by Tina, Anna decides to to give her a taste of her own medicine. Elsewhere, will Stella’s shock announcement come as a surprise to anyone and will the Street support her in her decision?