Having had one of the most emotionally turbulent week’s of her life, things aren’t promising to look any better for Tina as she finds it more and more difficult to pull herself away from Jake.

Whilst knowing that Izzy and Gary should be the first to hold him, Tina soon finds herself cradling him after being told that he is strong enough to be held; but how will Izzy and Gary react when they discover she’s jumped in their place, and will they join Tommy in his concern for her growing attachment?

Despite being confused over Tina’s actions in the hospital, nothing can prepare the separated couple for the next blow as Tina drops the bomb that she will be keeping the baby. To add insult to injury, Tina changes Jake’s name to Joe after her dad and Gary and Izzy’s devastation quickly turns to anger. In true Windass spirit, the family form an army and vow to fight for Jake’s return to his biological parents.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to Dev, his developing obsession with clearing Sunita’s name is seriously beginning to provoke a guilty-minded Karl who fears that his secret actions are now under threat of exposure. Unable to undo all of his sins, Karl knows that the only direction he can go is forward; but what does this mean for Dev and will Karl find it in him to kill again?

Unable to shake off her intense worry for Paul and his job, Eileen turns to sleeping pills to help her cope. With her fears growing stronger by the day, it seems that the couple’s post-Rovers fire struggles are not over; but when Paul is hailed a local hero by a reporter, can Eileen put her worries to one side once and for all?

Elsewhere on the Street, Kylie and Nick arouse David’s suspicions as they quietly discuss her surprise trip away for her husband, while Maria’s feeling insecure about her relationship with Marcus.