Zumo tells Decco about his next business venture. However, Zumo’s sales pitch to Val, to sell his perfume in Phelan's, falls flat.  Carol embarrasses Decco and Zumo when she catches them trying on their perfume. Zumo sells a bottle to Farrell, for Carol. Decco rejects Zumo’s suggestion to sell the perfume through Chariot.

Elsewhere, Laura tries to convince Ama that getting married is her only option. Damien remains unconvinced. Laura gets Damien on board with finding Ama a suitable husband, with the proviso that Damien can vet them. Damien proposes to Wayne, on behalf of Ama. Wayne rejects him, but offers to help come up with alternative. Wayne feels bad about letting Ama and Damien down, but he explains to Laura that he just can’t risk it. 

Meanwhile, Leo feels guilty when he has to break it to Shannon that she can’t have her birthday party in the Hungry pig. Dermot encourages Leo to cancel his planned trip to Florida. Esther, Niamh and Dermot are outraged when Leo tells them he’ll be increasing the rent on the Smart Office. Esther suggests an all out rent strike.

Later in the week, Sean gives Maeve until the end of the week to move out. Wayne apologises to Sean for trying to fool him with Maeve. He lets it slip that it was Orla’s idea, landing Orla in Sean’s bad books. Wayne tries to look innocent when he overhears Maeve telling Orla that she hadn’t told Sean that the fake date was Orla’s idea. 

Also, Yvonne notices that Farrell doesn’t look too well. She plays nice with Carol complimenting her on her relationship. When Carol leaves Yvonne tells Farrell that she has something belonging to him. Farrell’s horror grows when he discovers he can’t get another supply from his dealer for some time.