There’s a fire in the Dales this week, and Kerry is to blame. And what’s worse, she’s minding baby Jack and Sarah at the time. After falling asleep with a lit cigarette, it falls and the cottage starts to go up in smoke. Sarah is unable to wake Kerry and rushes off to the Woolpack to find help. Cain, Moira and Andy rush to the house – will they be able to save Jack and Kerry before it is too late?

Meanwhile Debbie is out on a business date and will to stop at nothing to close the deal. Cain furiously tries to get in touch with her to let her know what is happening, but she ignores his calls. When she eventually arrives back, she has an almighty row with Cain during which they both hurl nasty accusations at each other. Looks like their father and daughter could be about to fall out – permanently.

Elsewhere the Priya, David, Alicia and Dom love tangle continues and gets even more complicated when Alicia receives a bunch of flowers with a card signed ‘D’. Could the mystery sender be her one true love? And Sean’s life hangs in the balance when he is electrocuted.