This week in Carraigstown, Luke promises Judith he'll be more supportive, while Dolores has her fill of Val's orders.

Tommy wakes up in hospital with Judith by his bedside. She has been there since the night before. He tells her that he doesn’t want her pity and to leave, and to tell their children not to visit either. Judith meets the girls and tells them to give Tommy space. They refuse to listen to her and Neasa, Zak and Caoimhe have an awkward visit with Tommy. However, the situation gets worse as Caoimhe stomps off.

Elsewhere, Carol and Farrell bump into Yvonne. Leo interrupts them to ask Carol to cover for him, as two of the drivers are out sick. Yvonne plants the seed with Leo that Jack might be the one spreading the germs to his drivers. Leo pulls Carol up on bringing Jack to work, and asks after his health. It's at this point that Carol knows Yvonne is behind Leo’s concerns.

Meanwhile, Luke promises Judith he’ll be more supportive, but makes up an excuse to avoid visiting Tommy. Luke offers Caoimhe her job back and she begrudgingly accepts. Judith checks up on Tommy’s progress. She tells Tommy that she’s not going anywhere until he has recovered. She takes his hand, and Tommy breaks down at her touch.

Later in the week, Rachel gives out about Callum to Charlotte. Charlotte listens with interest but is pierced when Rachel tells her about Callum being caught in the back of the car with Caoimhe Dillon. Callum joins them and is completely blasé towards Charlotte. When Rachel is out of earshot Charlotte asks him to contact her, he doesn’t really react which Charlotte takes as a good sign!

Also, Dolores has had her fill of Val’s orders, and when Val tells her to clean the deli counter for the second time, Dolores snaps and tells Val to do it herself. In McCoy's, when Orla’s back is turned Wayne skives off to make copies of his CV. Orla goes after him and finds him in the community centre and orders him back to work.