This week Alfie is annoyed at Roxy when he finds out that Kat knows they are trying for a baby. Kat insists she’s fine but Alfie can tell she is hurt. Later, The Vic is packed and with Alfie out, Roxy, Jean, Kirsty and Ray are rushed off their feet. Ray receives a call from his daughter, Sasha informing him her mum has been in a car accident and is forced to leave the pub. Kat offers to help behind the bar but Roxy politely declines but shortly after, Roxy begins to lose her temper with Kat when she steps behind the bar to stop Jozef, one of Ian’s contactors, who was about to rob the till. Roxy explodes and tells Kat that it isn’t her place anymore and asks her to leave.

As Kat leaves, Roxy immediately regrets how she reacted and she’s about to go after Kat but is distracted by the busy pub. Whilst outside, Kat sees Jozef heading back into The Vic. Sensing trouble, Kat is torn whether she should follow him or not. Meanwhile, Roxy is upstairs alone, putting the money into the safe, but she is terrified when she turns to see Jozef in the doorway.

Meanwhile, Kirsty finds herself in an awkward situation when Dot asks the sex of the baby so she can knit something. Kat overhears and asks Kirsty what she’s going to do in a few months when she isn’t showing but Kirsty is adamant she will be pregnant by then. Kat encourages Kirsty to tell Max the truth as it always has a way of coming out in the end and Kirsty knows Kat is right. Back at the flat, just as Kirsty is about to confess to Max there’s a knock at the door and it’s Dot with the booties she has made for the baby. Dot tells them she thinks they are having a boy and Max is overjoyed. What will Kirsty do now?

And when Alice sees Janine in the Minute Mart she tells her how upset Michael is that he has a VAT inspection today. Janine hatches a plan to get one over on Michael; she goes to see him right in the middle of the inspection and offers for him to come and see Scarlett now, knowing he can’t. After some unexpected words of wisdom from Lola, Michael decides to continue to fight for Scarlett - there’s more than one way to win the war against Janine.