On Neighbours this week, the tension between Matt and Lauren finally boils over and the couple have a spat in public. Toadie and Sonya are forced to mediate and urge them to open up to each other about their issues. However, this backfires and things escalate when Matt accuses Lauren of playing favourites with Mason.

Ajay finally realises his vendetta has made him lose sight of his own daughter’s pain and in an honest moment with Rani, admits the depth of his grief. Rani in turn admits her worry that her mother died believing she hated her.

Disturbed by Paul’s behaviour over the settlement, Kate urges him to deal with the grief over Priya’s death. Kate’s shocked to find a strange younger woman in their house the next morning.

Paul later learns from Matt that the police report will find the accident at Lassiters was down to “user error”, in other words, he is responsible. Kate arrives home to find a guilt-ridden Paul at last facing his own grief.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Matt reconcile, but their peace is short-lived when Matt receives a threatening anonymous message. Matt is convinced the threatening letter is from Robbo, trying to blackmail him

Patrick’s operation goes well and Vanessa and Lucas share their relief. However, Karl takes Lucas aside and reveals that a routine screening of blood Lucas donated for Patrick has revealed some abnormalities. Lucas keeps his health crisis a secret from Vanessa, even when a Karl finds a lump which could be testicular cancer.

Troubled Georgia pulls out of her own birthday celebrations, leaving Kyle disappointed. And Mason makes progress with Kate, until a surprise visitor throws a spanner in the works.