The Sharma family are in a state of shock this week when they all learn that Jai is the father of Rachel’s baby, Archie. Charity is devastated, Priya is furious while Nikhil takes it particularly badly, unsure why his brother didn’t share his secret. Georgia on the other hand still doesn’t know the baby news and with most of the village now in on the gossip Nikhil wants his mother told directly. But an accidental slip up means things do not go to plan.

Meanwhile Rachel defends the situation when she explains Jai makes a better father than many would. She is later chuffed when Sam agrees to move back in with her so they can begin a fresh start.

Elsewhere Andy is irked to hear Kerry and Amy have fallen out, worried Amy might tell her mother about their kiss. Later, when Victoria asks Andy what Kerry’s problem is and Andy is left worried Kerry may know the truth about him and Amy kissing. Kerry visits Amy to check if she will be telling Andy about her leaving the kids by themselves but is relieved to hear she won’t.

Later, Andy also visits Amy and is relieved to hear Amy has not told Kerry about the kiss. Yet Amy is hurt when Andy states the kiss was a stupid mistake and that she needs to find a man. It is too much for Amy who snaps - but will she tell Kerry the truth about her kiss with Andy?

Paddy wants Megan to organise a party at Home Farm for them to celebrate their new vets practice and tells Megan he will persuade Vanessa to move into Brook. Katie feels awkward to receive the invite after what happened with her horse Wilson. Paddy argues with Vanessa over food as Marlon is doing the catering. Vanessa is unimpressed Paddy has interfered about Brook Cottage. Meanwhile, Rhona’s stressed as she can’t get another painkiller prescription.

And the clock is ticking for Cameron when he discovers that Declan plans to dig up the exact spot where he buried Alex.