There is drama for Lola this week when she discovers an unconscious Sharon lying on the bathroom floor and has to shake her to wake her up. Lola insists Sharon goes to A&E but is taken aback when Sharon strongly refuses. Sharon suddenly wonders where she left her pills but Lola reaches the kitchen first and is shocked to find the contents of Sharon’s handbag spilled across the table including the pills. She rightly fears the worst and is adamant on calling Phil however Sharon is soon forced to confess her problem explaining that Phil has no idea.

Sharon tries to convince Lola she isn’t addicted but when Lola goes to throw them away she violently wrenches the pills back spilling the contents onto the floor. Desperately addicted, Sharon scrabbles around on her hands and knees picking the pills up. Lola makes it clear she’s telling Phil the truth when he gets home – she can’t have Lexi living there with her any more. However, Sharon warns her that if she does, she will risk Lexi going back into care. Lola is left with a dilemma. Phil soon arrives home but will Lola tell Phil Sharon’s dark secret?

Meanwhile after an evening of Janine flaunting Scarlett in Michael’s face he eventually loses it and causes a drunken scene at the Vic. Alice helps Michael back to the gym and quickly realises this is where he’s been staying. She urges him to come and stay with her and Kat and just as Michael has given up on Kat, she arrives. The women make Michael realise that it isn’t over and they are going to help him fight to get Scarlett back.

Later in the evening Ian makes a speech and informs everyone that Janine, his new business partner, has helped him acquire the lease to the Emporium which he will turn into a fine dining establishment and open in the next few weeks. Lucy is furious that Ian has gone behind her back and Joey tells her to give her old man a break while Denise reassures Ian that he’s doing the right thing.

Elsewhere Dexter thanks Billy for his help with the bet but makes it clear his apology doesn’t mean he likes him. Billy and Ava get on like a house on fire but when Cora arrives Dexter reminds Ava that she needs to hold up her end of their deal. Dexter pushes Ava to arrange a drink with Cora but Dexter’s plan backfires when Ava informs him she has invited Billy round for dinner.

And on a mission to get their market pitch back, Kat and Bianca photograph Lister in a compromising position. Lister is mortified when they attempt to blackmail him but will their plan work?