This week on the Square Bianca does her best to reassure Liam that everything will soon get back to normal and that they are sticking together as a family but just as Liam looks a little more confident, a brick is hurled through the kitchen window, narrowly missing Carol and the kids. At his wits end and full of anger, Liam grabs the brick and runs outside shouting for the gang to stop but none of them are in sight. Scared about the safety of the family, Carol wonders to Bianca if maybe Liam should stay with Ricky for a while but the suggestion does not go down well with Bianca.

Overhearing his mum’s words and realising she too is scared, Liam decides he has to show them that he can cope in order for them to stop worrying about him. As both Bianca and Carol try to persuade Liam to go to work with them, Liam casually insists that he will stay at home and wait for the window replacement man to arrive. However as soon as they have gone it becomes clear that Liam is petrified about being alone as he desperately checks that the house is securely locked up... and he has good reason to be scared.

Meanwhile after another run in with Janine, Michael is determined not to let her get custody of Scarlett and he rants to Alice about her. Alice too has born the brunt of Janine's tongue and she offers Michael support but when he implies that he may take Scarlett away, she tells him it is not a good idea. It soon dawns on Michael that what Janine is not prepared for is being a mother, so with a plan in mind he heads to the Butchers, flowers in hand, asking to speak to Janine.

Ian is frustrated when the estate agent tells him he needs to put up more money to be able to rent the Emporium. He vents his frustration to Jean who tells him about how she has always saved for a rainy day. Realising Jean has money to spare; Ian seizes on her words and immediately starts to flatter her hoping she will lend the cash to him... will Jean realise what he is up to?

Kirsty still has suspicions about Max's feelings towards Tanya and her paranoia is piqued when he keeps rejecting phone calls claiming they are business. As he leaves the B&B, Kirsty decides to find out what is going on and she heads over to the car lot but she is annoyed when she finds it locked. She soon heads down Bridge Street and is disappointed to see Max heading into Booty’s. Max seems upbeat as he comes down the stairs in the salon but the smile is quickly removed from his face when he sees Kirsty waiting downstairs for him... just what was he up to?