Just as things were starting to look promising, Katy’s hopes for a reunion with Chesney are dashed when he catches her talking to Ryan in the Street. Unable to resist the urge to check up on her, Chesney goes through her phone only to discover a message from Ryan. Although she protests that Ryan’s advances are now all one-sided, Katy soon loses her patience and tells Chesney she’s had enough of being condemned for her mistake.

Determined to let her hair down and have a good time, Katy quickly finds herself in the arms of Ryan again, while Chesney laments his loss. Having been given a good talking to by Fiz, Chesney decides to resolve things with Katy - but when he sees her leaving Ryan’s flat in yesterday’s clothes, will this be it for the couple once and for all?

While Izzy and Gary have supported one another through thick and thin, the struggles that come with surrogacy are slowly beginning to take their toll on the couple. Desperate to be a part of the birth, they go along to the antenatal class to support Tina. But as Izzy looks on at Gary and Tina partaking in the class exercises together, she suddenly feels left out and leaves.

Gary assures Izzy she’s nothing to worry about and that he simply wants to be involved with the pregnancy, however other people on the Street aren’t so sure. Having rekindled a friendship with Tina, Tommy begins to have his own suspicions about Gary’s motives. Tina was left devastated when her dad’s ring was stolen from the flat, so when Gary gatecrashes her lunch date with Tommy and declares he found it for her in a pawn shop, Tommy seriously begins to smell a rat and makes Izzy aware of the fact. Is Gary getting too involved, or is he merely showing Tina his gratitude?

Leanne has been striving to keep herself out of harm’s way and as far away from Peter as possible. But when she realises that she hasn’t received her share of the bookies takings for the month, she storms round to demand why. Desperate to get out of Peter’s life for good, she asks to be bought out of the business but her idea is quickly shot down by her ex who informs her he has no money to do so. When Carla comes to the rescue, how will Peter take the news and will he be just as glad as she is to see the back of Leanne?