This week in Summer Bay, Heath agrees to play by Connie's rules, while Maddy acts cold towards Spencer.

Natalie is shaken after her conversation with Brax. Zac suspects that she isn’t over Brax, and wants to get to the bottom of it. He catches Brax as he’s coming out of the surf and tells him to stop giving Natalie a hard time, but he’s shocked when Brax tells him Natalie came to him, not the other way around. Zac feels betrayed. Natalie talks the situation through with Liam, as Zac accused her of staying Casey’s councillor to keep Brax in her life.

Elsewhere, Heath agrees to play by Connie’s rules, he wants her to realise that he can be a responsible parent. But Connie’s not playing fair, and when Heath goes to pick Darcy up she doesn’t allow him to take her. Bianca manages to get Connie to come around, and Darcy is allowed to stay the night with Heath and Bianca. When it comes to going home in the morning, Darcy is unhappy. She wants to stay with Heath – he insists that they have to impress Connie as much as they can so that they can spend more time together, but under the pressure of Darcy’s upset, Heath allows her to skip school and spend the day with him.

Meanwhile, Romeo continues to keep his diagnosis from Indi, telling her that he needs to go to the bank, when in fact he is going to have his first bout of chemotherapy. Sid supports him but it’s hard for him to watch. Sid discusses the process of chemotherapy with Romeo, stressing how important it will be for him to have support, but Romeo tells Sid that he has Liam to support him. However, Liam maintains that it is Romeo’s decision to make.

Later in the week, Maddy is acting cold towards Spencer, still hurt after at his decision not to sleep together. He tries to reason with her, telling her that Harvey said that if they wait then they will be stronger as a couple but she doesn’t think that makes any sense. She’s as ready as she’ll ever be. Maddy takes out her frustrations on Roo, who has had enough of her attitude. Roo is soon left feeling hurt when Maddy betrays her.