This week in Carraigstown, Paul feels guilty about Callum, while Paddy tries to explain his actions to Vivienne.

Tommy is shattered from sleepless nights. He decides to confront Judith. He accuses her of having never left Luke, and vows that Luke will never move into his house. Judith meets Luke and tells him about the visit. Luke is relieved that it hasn’t changed her decision. Later in McCoy's,Tommy warns Luke off Judith.

Elsewhere, Ben and Jo are settling into their new routine, and Ben has packed for his new bedroom. But Dermot is struggling with how well Jo and Ben have accepted the separation. After the big punch up in McCoy's, Jo tends to Dermot’s hand after he punches Tommy. She thanks him for defending her. Dermot tells her that he has been a fool and that he loves her and she’s his soul mate. He kisses Jo.

Meanwhile, Paddy tries to explain his actions to Vivienne, but she refuses to listen. Paddy tries to intimidate Ray, but instead spurs him on to ask Vivienne out that evening. Paddy talks Vivienne into listening to him. He apologises and promises her that he is working on his anger issues for his family. Paddy interrupts Vivienne and Ray’s date. He pretends to play nice and offers to buy them a drink, at the same time he steals Ray’s wallet.

Later in the week, Caoimhe and Neasa are shocked and disgusted by Tommy’s accusation of Judith’s affair with Luke. They demand to know the truth, and Judith admits to the affair. Caoimhe and Neasa turn on Judith and Luke. They vow to have nothing more to do with Judith. She’s heartbroken, but Tommy is thrilled. Neasa accuses Judith of using her by investing in the Station to get closer to Luke. Luke can’t bear how self satisfied Tommy is. When the girls turn on Judith he threatens to tell the whole story.

Also, Paul is shocked by the results of the paternity test. Callum takes offence and storms off, and Rachel blames Niamh. Paul feels guilty about how he has treated Callum, he reprimands Niamh for not giving him a chance. Niamh is furious and doesn’t want Callum causing any more chaos in their home.