This week in The Square, Sharon kisses Phil before her hen party, while Kirsty pushes Max for answers.

It's the day of Jack and Sharon's hen and stag parties. Sharon thinks that she is having a quiet night in with Tanya and is pleasantly surprised when all of the girls show up. However, Sharon is even more surprised when Phil turns up at her flat out of the blue to see her. It’s not long before the pair find themselves in a tight embrace.

Meanwhile, Jack is acting weird as he can’t take his mind off Ronnie. He insists on having a low-key stag party, but this is far from what the lads want. Joey shocks Jack by ordering a stripper to the office of R&R. However, in a strange turn of events, Jack finds himself locked into the office with Phil and the stripper...

Elsewhere, Kirsty pushes Max for answers on how he feels about her pregnancy. Max admits that he wanted to have some time alone with Kirsty as a couple before they started a family, but he adds that he is happy about the baby. However, when Max suggests that he should tell Tanya and the girls the truth, Kirsty is put out.

Later in the week, Jack explains to Sharon that while he doesn't want to be with his ex-wife, he will never love Sharon the way he loved Ronnie. Sharon reckons they should get married anyway because they make each other happy and they're not getting any younger, but Jack is adamant that the wedding is not happening.