This week on the cobbles, Eileen and Paul's romance hits rock bottom, while Karl finally breaks down at Sunita's funeral.

Eileen goes behind Paul’s back and tells his boss that he’s not ready to return to work. Paul is outraged and lashes out at Eileen. A concerned Eileen admits that the Rovers fire has made her extra cautious and explains that she has been having nightmares that he might die because of his job. Paul explains to Eileen how fire-fighting is not just his career but his life. Will Eileen accept that, or is their relationship over?

Meanwhile, Karl makes plans to do a runner. At the same time, the police issue Dev with the results of Sunita’s post mortem and it’s discovered that she died from smoke inhalation. Dev struggles to come to terms with the notion that Sunita pulled out her own ventilator tube.

Elsewhere, Faye convinces Tim to invite Anna and Owen 'round for supper so they can get to know him. Anna reluctantly agrees, but it’s clear that she’s not happy with the situation. When she finds Tim struggling to make a lasagne and chips, will she offer him some help?

Later in the week, Karl tries to do everything in his power not to attend the funeral. He is made feel on edge when Simon suggests to the twins that their mum won’t go to heaven as she destroyed the pub. However, when Stella insists that Karl accompany her to the funeral he gives in and attends. However, the situation quickly goes from bad to worse as Karl unburdens himself and tells Stella that he loves her. But how will Stella react to his confession?