This week in Carrigstown, Wayne leaves Dolores in shock, while Yvonne spreads rumours about Carol.

Val accuses Decco of being the catalyst to Eddie’s downfall. Decco goes to see Val and tells her the truth about Eddie’s involvement with Flynn had nothing to do with him. Christy asks him to leave. Val decides to visit Eddie in prison. Eddie is thrilled to see her, thinking that Val is there to post his bail. Instead she disowns him, and leaves him to suffer the consequences of his actions. Eddie finally realises the enormity of his situation.

Meanwhile, Dolores is still in shock when Wayne calls to beg her not to shop him. Dolores tells Wayne that he has only ever messed things up in his life. As her only son, he pleads for one more chance. Dolores spares Wayne from jail, but tells him that she is done with him for good. Dolores ventures out, but when she sees Val she is quick to avoid her. Pete is waiting for her; she frets about how she’ll get by.

Elsewhere, Christy refuses Sean’s demand to fire Val, and concentrates on supporting a clearly devastated Val. Val finds out about Sean’s ultimatum from Ray and Sean, and is hurt that Christy has hidden this from her. She confronts him, and Christy confesses that he regrets not going with his gut instinct that Sean was innocent. And that he partly blames Val! Val hands her keys to Christy and quits.

Later in the week, Yvonne spreads rumours that Carol is neglecting Jack. The gossip gets back to Carol and she warns Yvonne to back off. Vivienne offers her support by threatening to withdraw her custom from Vinos, if she hears any nasty rumours about Carol. Yvonne calls in on Carol to check up on Jack. Carol is so fed up with having to deal with ‘Louie’s lackey’ that she tells Yvonne that Louie can stuff his money.

Also, with the finer details of Jo and Dermot’s separation sorted, Dermot packs the last of his things to move out completely. Ben plans what to take with him for his second home with Dermot.