Nikhil’s worried about Gennie and visits Katie to ask how he can cheer her up. Whilst there he is given an idea when Alicia chats about a wedding dress. Later, Gennie is shocked when Nikhil suggests they get married soon, explaining it might be their only chance to get married while Brenda is present. Nikhil is chuffed when Gennie agrees. Gennie tells Alicia she is sad she may not have her mum for long.

Meanwhile, Brenda covers when Bob arrives with holiday brochures. She’s not feeling good and puts the brochures to one side. Rodney panics when Brenda has an absence seizure and calls Bob. When Brenda comes round she is puzzled by Rodney’s reaction. Bob tries to calm Brenda down as she is angry, believing they are overreacting. She shouts at Bob, who holds her until she calms down. Bob sees Heath and Cathy watching, scared and is irked when Rodney questions his ability to care for Brenda when he has the twins to consider.

Also in the Dales this week Lisa frets about a mssing Belle, worrying what Thomas has done to her, telling PC Lewis they have to take it more seriously. Sean’s in the doghouse when Dan realises he gave Thomas his van keys and marches him over to see Jimmy and Nicola.

By the woods, Belle is caught up in the excitement of running away with Thomas but he is panicking, knowing the police will be looking for them. Thomas prevents Belle from calling her mum and goes to get some supplies as she insists she wants to stay with him.

Lisa is distraught when Cain suggests Thomas might hurt Belle, he is Carl’s son after all. In the camper van, Belle is stressed as she waits for Thomas to return and calls home. She panics when Lisa says the police are involved and that Thomas wants to hurt her. Belle hangs up, in tears. Lisa is in denial about Belle going with Thomas of her own free will and feels responsible for escalating things. Nicola supports Jimmy, backing up that Thomas wouldn’t hurt Belle - are they right?