This week Dot has her day in court and she is clearly feeling the pressure but despite this, she is still adamant that she doesn't want anyone else to know about her dire situation. Fatboy and Poppy do their best to lift Dot’s spirits but she is already resigned to losing her home.

Dot arrives at the court alone and the enormity of the situation begins to hit her so she is relieved when she sees Ian. Ian explains that although Dot doesn’t want any support he has hired a solicitor as she cannot do this by hersellf. Dot’s case begins and she is visibly scared of what may happen. As her solicitor begins to explain why Dot has got herself into this situation, Dot interrupts when she doesn’t feel the truth is being told.

Soon the prosecution begin and they read out Dot’s previous statements and it doesn’t look good. Fatboy and Poppy arrive for moral support and the judge begins to sum up. Out of nowhere, Fatboy asks if he can say a few words but although he tries his best for Dot, he fails to make the impression he wanted to. However, his words do spur Dot on and she finally finds her voice, telling the court all about the situation she has found herself in, but will it be enough for Dot to keep her home?

Meanwhile, worried for her friend and feeling slightly guilty, Cora gathers everyone in The Vic for a buffet so that whatever happens, when Dot returns she knows that they are all there for her.

Max and Tanya help with the food and they find themselves alone. They soon start bickering but end up laughing about it. However, when Kirsty walks in she can't help but be put out by their closeness. Deliberately pushing Tanya's buttons, Kirsty comments that Dot should have paid her bills as people like her and Max don't have a home but she is not happy when Max sides with Tanya.

When alone, Kirsty tells Max that she is desperate for them to get a place together and Max assures her that they will. As they all wait for Dot, Sharon sees that Max keeps glancing at Tanya and unable to keep it to herself, she tells him that Tanya regrets throwing him out when she did, leaving Max reeling.

And Roxy is surprised when she receives a phone call from Ronnie, telling her that she will be released soon. She goes to find Jack who is sitting in the office alone, about to burn the unopened letter he received but Roxy stops him. She tells Jack that she knows he loved her but Jack hits back that despite everything they went through he doesn't know if he can open up old wounds. Roxy explains how it is hard for her too, she hasn't even told Alfie, but she tells Jack that if he doesn’t read the letter from Ronnie, he’ll always be left wondering.