This week on Ramsay Street, Lou is crushed when Lauren continues to lie to him, while Sonya tries to cheer Toadie up.

Blood proves thicker than water for Lou when, having discovered Mason was in juvenile detention, he is forced to lie to Lucas for the sake of Mason’s job, something Lou hates having to do. But the discovery that Lauren’s been keeping the truth from him is only compounded when, given the chance to come clean, Lauren continues to lie to her father. When she later learns that Lou has found out, Lauren apologises and appeals to him for his understanding.

Elsewhere, Georgia’s charity Camp Out for the hospital is a huge success, managing to raise thousands of dollars, but it’s not without its hurdles. When the band she booked fails to turn up, Georgia has little choice but to get up and perform herself, a talent the smitten Kyle never knew she had and which only makes him yearn for her even more. The attraction between them is strong and they struggle to conceal it in front of Scotty, not that he seems to notice.

Meanwhile, when Tash tells Andrew she’s abandoning her vow of celibacy, Andrew is understandably excited. But off the back of some comments from Sheila about Andrew’s malleability he decides to play hard to get, which only infuriates Tash. She calls him on his attitude and Andrew confesses that perhaps he’s been trying to play her at her own game a little, but that it seems silly now, and seconds later they are toppling into their tent, tearing at each other’s clothes.

Later in the week, exasperated by Toadie’s belief his weddings are cursed, Sonya tries to cheer him up by enlisting Kate to help choreograph a fun dance down the aisle for the wedding ceremony. Her idea seems to be working to distract Toadie until he throws his back out at dance practice. And when they then discover an embarrassing misprint in their wedding invitations, Toadie is certain his curse is back.