This week on Ros na Rún, Tina & Dara’s plans are unveiled, while Frances’s pills are out of the bag.

Dara is having second thoughts about leaving Maeve. After getting an ultimatum from Tina he finally agrees. Plans unravel when Caitriona discovers their plans to run. A row between the women leaves Tina in an ambulance.

Elsewhere, Joe continues his attempt to push Mícheál into selling his field, despite the sentimental value it holds for him. Having been warned not to trust Joe by Séamus and Mo, Mícheál sends him packing.

Meanwhile, after hearing Frances on the phone begging for a doctor’s appointment, Tadhg’s concern is heightened. He begins an investigation and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Will Tadhg discover the nature of Frances's problem?

Later in the week, Vince pleads with David to help Róise work through her trauma and get her life back on track. David agrees and goes to speak with Róise but his attempts to get her back out and face the world fail miserably.

Also, Tadhg catches Frances searching for her pills and traps her in a locked room. He is determined to cure her of her addiction ‘cold turkey’. When Frances cries for help as the withdrawal symptoms kick in, will Tadhg soften to her pleas?