This week in Carraigstown, Bela and Cass are taught a lesson, while Eddie desperately tries to flee as the net closes in.

Paddy tells Zumo that he’s moving to Galway for a job offer. He gets distracted when he notices Collie and Decco together outside the Chariot office. Zumo breaks the news of Paddy’s move to Charlotte and Vivienne. Vivienne is thrilled but Charlotte takes the news badly. Determined to keep her father close, Charlotte asks Charlie to give Paddy an interview for the caretaker’s job.

Elsewhere, Tommy gets short with Neasa, and suggests to her that it might be time for him to get a place of his own. Paul runs into Tommy and Judith in Phelan' and invites them both for dinner. Judith decides it’s time to go public with their split. Tommy is furious and complains to Neasa and Caoimhe about Judith’s attitude. He blames her entirely on their break up. Neasa reminds him of his past infidelities and that he has himself to blame.

Meanwhile, Carol’s card is declined in Phelan's as Louie hasn’t topped up her bank account. Carol calls around to Vinos and demands Louie’s number from Yvonne. Yvonne informs Carol the reason Louie’s money was late, was that Louie had to pay for music lessons for Clara and Joey. Carol is furious, but Bob is on hand with a number for a solicitor.

Later in the week, Collie pays Eddie a visit to let him know that Flynn will no longer need his services. A desperate man, Eddie tries to book a flight but can no longer afford the fare. He calls Decco looking for one more chance. When he fails to persuade Paul to invest with him, he outright asks for a loan. Paul calls him pathetic, and leaves him. Collie approaches and offers to buy Eddie lunch, as a condemned man.

Also, Vivienne pleads with Pete not to rent a room to Paddy, for the sake of her family. Paddy tries to hide his anger, when Pete refuses to rent the room to him. Later, he takes great delight in telling Vivienne that he will be living in her old flat in the surgery building.