He's sat by the bedside of the ill-fated Sunita praying and hoping she will wake up, but this week Dev fears the worst as he is told by doctors that he should prepare to say goodbye to the mother of his children.

Just as Dev begins to battle with the thought of having to tell Asha and Aadi, Sunita has a sudden turnaround and Dev ecstatically informs the Street that she is slowly regaining consciousness. While Dev vocalises his excitement, Karl quietly festers in panic as the consequences of his actions return to haunt him.

As Sunita’s health slowly begins to improve, Dev continues to hold vigils by her bedside and rejoices at the news that she is showing sure signs of progress. In a dramatic twist, events occur at the hospital and Dev’s hopes are dashed when he is told that Sunita is dead.

Although most on the Street are rocked by the news of Sunita’s death, Karl has to feign his upset and Stella forces him to show his support for Dev, Asha and Aadi. Although he knows that Sunita has been taken to the grave, Karl finds himself drowning in a sea of guilt as he watches Dev fall to pieces.

While Dev struggles to come to terms with the news, elsewhere on the street Tina is also suffering the consequences of the fire as she finds herself without her barmaid position. As Gary’s concern for his and Izzy’s surrogate increases, he manages to persuade Owen to give Tina more hours at the builder’s yard.

Having been for her latest scan, Tina leaves the hospital unsure of how she feels now she knows she is carrying a baby boy. When she gets home, however, her attentions are quickly turned as she realises her flat has been broken into. When Izzy insists that Gary spends the night at the flat, how will Tina react to her new companion?