Now that Paddy Bishop has arrived in Carrigstown, he is determined to make his presence felt, starting off by getting Charlotte on side. He kicks off his plan when he spots her in the Hungry Pig. Charlotte tries to be cool towards her father, but he wins her over to his way of thinking, and asks her to trust that he will make sure they get to see each other.

Later Paddy finds Zumo at the Station and asks him to talk to Vivienne on his behalf, to make arrangements to see Charlotte. Zumo is intrigued by the ‘new’ Paddy and takes in his protestations that he wants to be a good father to Charlotte. Zumo agrees to talk to Vivienne. But Vivienne doesn’t believe that Paddy has changed and worries about him lying to Charlotte. And if we were you Vivienne we would be worried too.

Meanwhile Judith and Tommy have a huge spat this week, which results in Judith packing up Tommy’s things and kicking him out of the house. This split has been coming for a long time, but now the Dillons have to decide what they are going to tell the children.

Also this week Decco is furious to be contacted by Collie to look after a courier job for Flynn. Decco warns Eddie to contact Collie to tell him to stay away from Chariot. Eddie tries to buy time from Decco and offers to pay him from Dolores' savings. Decco is shocked to hear how much of crook Eddie is, and threatens to tell all to Dolores if Eddie doesn’t get Collie and Flynn, away from Chariot. Will he do as he says?