There’s drama-a-plenty in the Dales this week. An infatuated Robbie is willing to do anything for Debbie, even if that means putting himself in danger, which is exactly what happens this week. Cameron has had enough of his meddling and goading and after a showdown in the cellar of the Woolpack, he bundles Robbie into the back of his van. Once Cameron ties him up, he warns Robbie that he brought whatever harm he is about to come to on to himself. But Cameron’s threats don’t go too far as Chas soon finds the pair and is horrified at the violent scene her boyfriend is the involved in. Will she spill the beans to the police, or worse still, Declan and Megan?

Meanwhile Alicia prepares for the re-shoot of the wedding photos, panicking she’s forgotten something. Pollard sees David give her an encouraging squeeze but he’s defensive when Pollard asks him about it. Nicola and Megan have lunch, leaving Alicia to get on with the shoot. Megan’s impressed she has everything in hand. Later, Pollard’s fears about David’s feelings for Alicia are confirmed when he quizzes him over his feelings. In denial David refutes any interest in Alicia but Pollard doesn’t believe him. Pollard sees David is jealous as Lee and Alicia enjoy each other’s company – will he ever just admit the truth already!

Elsewhere, Jai and Charity are still going back and forth about their relationship. In the meantime Jai decides he wants to spend more time with his son and offers Rachel a job cleaning and insists she brings Archie with her... this smells like disaster to us.