Tyrone may feel as though his ordeal with Kirsty has lasted a lifetime, but it’s far from over yet. As he waits for the big trial, Kirsty struggles to look after baby Ruby and puts more pressure on Julie to help her out, telling her that she has a family crisis to attend to. When she’s spotted by one of her arch enemies in the window at No.9, will Julie believe Tina when she is told that Kirsty has been lying about her whereabouts? Vowing to stand by Kirsty through thick and thin, will she begin to see the cracks in Kirsty’s story as her violent temperament becomes more and more visible?

As the trial begins, it’s not long before Tyrone is made out to be a malicious and evil man who has been abusing Kirsty for months. His wife does not hesitate to lie through her teeth when she takes to the stand, but will she think about backing down when her mother pleads with her to prevent an innocent man from going to prison?

During the week Alison puts a compromise to her daughter, saying she will help her out with Ruby on the proviso that she comes clean to the courts. As the trial proceeds, Tyrone gives a candid account of the abuse he’s experienced at the hands of Kirsty, while Julie feels the wrath of her friend firsthand. Find out this week if Julie acts on impulse and saves Tyrone with her new insights, or whether new information from elsewhere will be enough to free him from his nightmare.

Back on the street, the culprit of the Rovers fire is still in question. As Jason continues to fight against accusations that it was his fault, the finger soon shifts as new evidence implies the fire was started deliberately. As this new information is leaked, Gloria declares that it could have been Sunita who started the fire, as it would explain why she was in the pub at the same time as Stella.

While the real arsonist Karl is still being treated as the hero, Dev is disgusted to hear that Sunita is the latest to be accused but the police continue to investigate the latest claims. What will happen when a set of spare keys to the pub are found on Sunita’s possession?

Meanwhile, Paul struggles to deal with the death of his close work friend and is even more devastated to hear that it may have been a result of intentional arson.