This week Jai is back and Katie invites himself and Charity to dinner. Charity freaks as she doesn’t want there to be any chance that he will find out that she slept with Declan, especially now that Cameron is on to them.

Meanwhile Cameron blackmails Charity by telling her to make it up with Chas and get Debbie to lay off her. At Home Farm, Charity overcompensates with Katie as she and Jai arrive for dinner. Declan warns Charity about confessing to Jai, saying it’s their word against Cameron’s and she’ll destroy Jai if he finds out.

During dinner, Katie announces that she and Declan are trying IVF but Declan apologises, thinking it might be a touchy subject for Charity and Jai. The pressure gets to Charity who suddenly leaves. She tells Declan she can’t lie to Jai while he warns her to keep this out of his and Katie’s marriage. Charity makes her excuses and leaves, Jai dashing after her. Outside, Jai is left reeling when Charity tells him she slept with Declan and she’ll never forgive herself.

Elsewhere at the wedding shoot, as Priya’s getting her hair done she apologises to Alicia for thinking she was going to turn their wedding into a tacky nightmare. Lee, the photographer, flirts with Alicia as he begins by taking pictures of David. Alicia’s shocked when an angry Priya storms in covered in a facial rash from the makeup. Priya is hysterical and angry when Alicia is asked to stand in for her. David is speechless at how beautiful Alicia looks and they share a charged look, as they have to kiss for the photo.

Later, at the pub, Priya is irked when Alicia arrives after the shoot. David lies when Priya asks if he had to kiss her, but Priya is suspicious. Could David be rekindling his feelings?