This week Tanya manages to get locked out of the house while Oscar is still inside. Tanya is grateful when Phil offers to watch the door while Tanya gets Max’s keys. Over at the B&B, Tanya forces Max to hand over his keys but Kirsty makes a point of kissing Max in front of her. Later, Max asks for his keys back but Tanya tells him she wants to hang onto them. Max insists he needs them in case there’s another emergency, especially as Tanya doesn’t have a fella. Riled, Tanya decides to wind Max up by telling him she’s actually seeing someone which throws Max. Phil overhears their conversation and immediately knows that Tanya is lying about her new man and she realises that she is going to look like an idiot when Max finds out. Phil offers Tanya a way out of her predicament by asking her round for dinner. Tanya accepts but she soon worries what she’s agreed to.

Meanwhile Sharon overhears Phil buying food for his date but he doesn’t let on who his date is. Later, Sharon is shocked when she visits Tanya and finds her getting ready for dinner with Phil. Sharon goes to see Phil and tells him she knows Tanya is his date and he better treat her right. Phil responds that he will treat her how he sees fit and ushers Sharon to leave. Tanya arrives but the date gets off to a bumpy start, however the evening improves and they both begin to enjoy themselves. On the doorstep Phil goes to kiss Tanya on the cheek but little do they know Sharon is watching them and from the angle she is standing at, it looks as though Tanya and Phil shared a kiss.

Bianca's woes continue this week and determined Liam will not leave the house, she sleeps outside his locked room. Liam is furious that he is being locked up and he continually bangs on the door. Bianca promises Liam she will unlock the door if he calms down but he continues to lash out. Carol convinces Bianca to go to work, while she stays at home. Back at the house, Carol is shocked by Liam’s behaviour when she tries to take food into him as he tries to charge out. Thinking he is beyond help, Carol advises Bianca that Liam needs to see a counsellor. Later, Bianca tries to get through to Liam and they finally begin to talk but Liam blames his behaviour all on her. When he realises he isn’t getting anywhere, Liam changes his tack and tells Bianca he misses her. With her heart melting, Bianca opens the door but Liam turns on his mother telling her she is the reason he has turned out like this. Desperate and angry, Bianca lashes out and slaps Liam. She locks Liam back in his room but she can’t believe what she’s just done. Will this mother and son ever be able to reconcile?