This week Brendan finds himself tied up with his Dad in Cheryl’s flat while Cheryl and Ste get a text from Brendan’s phone ‘change of plan’ and head towards the disused petrol station, unaware they’re driving straight into Walker’s lair.

Back at Cheryl’s flat, Walker forces Brendan to reminisce about his childhood abuse and confess his crimes in front of his Dad. Seamus remains poker-faced, infuriating his son. Meanwhile, Ste is unconscious in the air tight fridge he and Cheryl have been trapped in, it looks bleak until Nate and Doug arrive – their saviours!

Walker unties Brendan and tells him to kill Seamus, it’s either him or Cheryl and Ste – unaware they’ve escaped. With his life flashing before his eyes, Seamus finally apologises for all he did. Brendan is thrown, a metal bar raised above his head ready to strike. In a split second he changes his mind and manages to distract Walker, disarming him from his gun. Walker escapes but outside, an army of police cars are waiting and he’s taken away – is this the end of his vendetta?