It’s been quite some time since Sunita and Stella saw eye to eye, but the fury between them is reignited when Sunita learns that her enemy has been warning Dev to think twice about rekindling the relationship. Unable to free his mind of Stella’s words, Dev tells Sunita that their future is irreparable. On a mission to get as drunk as possible, Sunita almost makes more of a show in the Bistro than the Full Monty men, while a tired Stella heads back to the Rovers for a well-deserved bath; but will the rest of her evening be plain sailing?

When a fire breaks out in the pub cellar, the alarm is raised and it quickly becomes apparent to the Street that Stella is trapped inside. But has anyone noticed that Sunita is indoors, too? While Gloria, Eva and Leanne are distraught to learn that Stella is in trouble, Karl is gobsmacked to see her at the bedroom window desperate to escape. In an attempt to act the hero and rescue her from the flames, he makes his way into the pub and heads upstairs. But when the staircase gives way, will he make it in time to save Stella?

Paul and his colleague Toni are adamant that everyone keep clear of the Rovers as they head inside to do their duty. As the fire brigade discover Sunita unconscious, an explosion takes hold of the street leaving the fate of those left inside to be called into question. Later at the hospital, Stella regains consciousness and Karl is hailed the brave man while Dev keeps a terrified eye over Sunita. As Stella begins to wonder what Sunita was doing in the pub in the first place, the finger-pointing begins between Karl and Jason. Horrified at the thought of being blamed, Jason makes several protests of innocence but will anyone believe him? The death of Toni rocks the street whilst Sunita’s health declines.

Elsewhere, Chesney and Katy’s relationship remains in turmoil. As she continues to beg him to forgive her, will he ever begin to soften? Ryan relentlessly pursues Katy inviting her out on another date as he declares he has missed her company; will she submit to his requests or is she committed to getting her family life back?