This week in Carraigstown, Ama apologises to Damien, while Wayne decides to come clean to Dolores.

Eddie is freaked out about Flynn’s reaction to him having lost his money. Eddie feels the pressure when Wayne and Flynn come calling for their windfall. Wayne tells Dolores to expect the money by the close of business Wednesday. They both relish the idea of Paul finding out how much money they’ve made. Eddie takes Wayne aside to persuade him to get Dolores to invest again. Eddie winds up Decco over his father being out of prison. Decco makes him regret his jibes when he marches straight up to Wayne and tells him that Eddie has lost all his money.

Elsewhere, it’s Tommy and Judith’s anniversary, and Tommy’s controlling behaviour is making Judith thoroughly miserable. At dinner Tommy criticises the lack of effort Judith makes setting the table, and how’s she’s dressed. When Judith changes he accuses her of tormenting him further by wearing a dress she wore when she was with Luke. In an effort to appease Tommy she bins her clothes. But he makes her go one step further and puts a scissors in her hands to destroy her clothes. Judith is broken.

Meanwhile, Ama apologises to Damien for standing him up and tells him about her new job. Damien and Ray patronise Ama about her new job, she gets upset with them for only seeing her as a domestic worker. She reveals to them that she was training to be a nurse before she came to Ireland. When they are alone together, Damien and Ama admit their feelings to each other.

Later in the week, Wayne decides to come clean to Dolores, but Eddie convinces him to hold off and listen to his new plan, a daring proposal to hack into Dolores’ account! Wayne is torn, and doesn’t want to let Dolores down again. He surprises Dolores with flowers and a trip to the cinema, and behaves like a model son. Eddie doesn't let up on Wayne, shaking Wayne's resolve to do the right thing. In McCoy's Wayne watches Paul lording it up. This is the final straw for him and he tells Eddie that he’ll go along with his plan.