This week on The Square, Tamwar is the victim of a shock mugging, while Bianca confronts Liam and the gang.

Tamwar has a meeting with his supervisor and is told that his people skills need to get bettter, as the stall holders are getting away with murder. Tamwar realises that he is being taken advantage of and toughens up. He tries to enforce the rules on Kat, Tyler and others. Soon afterwards, a gang starts to act up at the market and Tamwar's new-found confidence comes out to play again, as he stands up to them and gets rid of them.

Meanwhile, Ian asks Denise out for dinner. When Alfie realises that Ian has a new romance in his life, he attempts to figure out who the mystery woman is. In the Vic Alfie asks Denise if she knows who it is, but she covers her true feelings by stating that she doesn't fancy him. Later, Denise is forced to cancel the planned date so that she can stay home and take care of Patrick. Ian says that it's probably for the best, which makes Denise realise that her comment from earlier has upset him.

Elsewhere, as Liam claims that he's feeling unwell and can't go to school, Bianca notices a bruise on his side. He says that he hurt himself playing football, but Bianca is suspicious as she knows he doesn't play football anymore. Later, Bianca starts cleaning up the mess in Liam's room as a reward for his good behaviour. However, as she does so, she finds a stash of paper with the school letterhead on. Bianca realises that Liam has faked the letters, but she soon makes a much more concening discovery as she spots Tamwar's stolen money belt!

Later in the week, Kirsty tells Max that Tanya lied about Abi's whereabouts, as she saw Abi and Jay sneaking around in the early hours. When Max confronts Tanya, she is forced to admit that Abi has been sleeping with Jay. A furious Max warns both Abi and Jay that they can't see each other any more, but he is won over and offers his blessing when Jay explains just how much he loves Abi.