This week on the cobbles, Katy gets very close to Ryan, while Chesney is left devastated.

When Steph arrives for her date with Ryan, Katy plays the caring friend and warns her about his shady past. With his date ruined, Ryan confronts Katy, accusing her of being jealous. Katy lies that she's off out with the girls, before she gives into temptation and kisses Ryan.

Elsewhere, Dev is suspicious when Sophie suggests that he and Sunita should spend time together. She admits that Sunita would love them to reunite, but doesn't feel it's fair to ask. How will Dev react?

Meanwhile, Stella asks Jason to fix a leaking pipe in the pub cellar and he puts Tim on the job. But when Tim causes chaos by sending water spraying everywhere, Karl steps in to help. As he takes in the scene in the cellar, an idea strikes him and he redirects the flow of water onto the electrics fuse box, causing even more mayhem.

Later in the week, Chesney shows Fiz a wedding ring that he has bought for Katy. However, he is soon left devastated when he questions Katy about her feelings for Ryan and she doesn't deny how she feels. As Katy begs for another chance, will Chesney be able to forgive her?