This week in Carraigstown, Christy can’t face going into Phelan's, while Dermot gets the cold shoulder from Jo.

Judith is shocked when Zak tells her he knows things are not right between her and Tommy and she fails to persuade him all is fine. Later Tommy tells Judith that she’s to blame for Zak feeling insecure. She tries to be affectionate with Tommy but he rebuffs her.

Elsewhere, a sore and timid Christy can’t face going into Phelan's. Deegan calls to Val's house and tells a shocked Val and Christy that the break in was an inside job and that Christy knows the person who did this to him. Eddie feels the heat and tries to persuade them to let it go. A stunned Christy tells them that he can’t trust anyone. Later Val tells Sean what happened and that they are all under suspicion.

Meanwhile, Eddie realises he must act quickly to move suspicion away from Decco. Eddie tells him to stay away from the Phelan's for the next few hours as he’s going to do something. He goes into Phelan's staff quarters and plants money and his wallet in Sean’s locker. He then goes out to the shop and pretends to Christy that his wallet has been stolen. Christy, who is on high alert, closes the store and calls all employees into the staff quarters. Sean is shocked when Christy checks everyone’s locker.

Later in the week, Dermot gets the cold shoulder from Jo, so Paul asks him out for a pint to cheer him up. Dermot begins to feel lonely and realises that he can’t face returning to the B&B. After a few drinks he calls to his house and demands to see Ben. Jo tells him he stinks of drink, but relents when Dermot breaks down and tells her how much he misses his son.