This week the neurosurgeon tells Brenda she has a brain tumour but there are options - she could have surgery to have it removed. Gennie has no doubts that Brenda should have the operation but her mother isn't so sure. Back in the Dales Gennie tells Nikhil and Georgia about her mum, worrying she needs to make decisions quickly. However Gennie is upset when she realises Brenda has been looking on the Internet for alternative advice and is refusing to talk to Bob. Brenda promises to tell him tomorrow but Gennie is left unconvinced. Later, Bob confronts Brenda over her attitude towards him, she is hurting him by stringing him along. He heads inside and leaves her alone and in tears. Upset, Brenda visits Gennie - she is confused what to do about the surgery and Gennie and Nikhil worry she’s going to back out of having the operation.

Elsewhere Cameron is struggling to control his guilt and self-hatred around Thomas as he watches him head to the back door of the pub. Chas opens the door to Thomas; disappointed it’s not Cameron. Thomas is at work early to tidy the cellar as Chas expresses her worry about Cameron. Later, Chas covers her anger as Cameron arrives back, saying he’s been for a drive. Thomas explains to Cameron he needs the job so he doesn’t get sent home but assures him he’ll keep out of the way of him and Chas.

And Ashley and Laurel are devastated by Sandy’s harsh but honest, words as he is determined he does not want to live with Marlon. Laurel is upset Sandy has been on the phone to social services about sheltered housing but Marlon doesn’t think he stands a chance of getting one. Meanwhile, Ashley senses not to push it with Steve about Sandy living with them - he has already rowed with Bernice. Sandy says he needs to leave and Ashley promises they will do what they can to help. But where will he end up living?