While Karl’s attempts to win back Stella have so far been unsuccessful, he’s not quite ready to give up on the love of his life just yet. However, when he propositions her with flowers, Stella makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him as she throws them in the bin and tells him to leave her alone. But when Karl’s desperation leads him to kidnapping her, what will the outcome be for Stella and will she get to her date with Jason on time?

As Paul prepares for the Full Monty he’s signed himself up to, he continues to be tormented by Eileen’s friends; but when Eileen learns that the show is being organised by Toni, a woman she’s never heard of, she’s immediately on edge. She manages to coax Julie into accompanying her to spy on Paul and his female work colleague, but how will Paul react when it’s her that is caught in the act instead? When Eileen later confronts Paul about the time he’s spent with Toni, she’s shocked to learn that he was actually planning to propose to her and Toni was simply helping pick the ring. Has she ruined her chances of marrying Paul once and for all?

As his future with Ruby begins to look more and more unlikely, Tyrone is glad of help from Fiz and Tina. As they prepare to try everything within their power to help their friend gain access to his daughter, they decide to contact Kirsty’s mum Alison. When she turns up at Kirsty’s door, she manages to get the truth from her daughter and things begin to look promising for Tyrone; until Kirsty spies Alison talking to his allies. Feeling like she’s walked into a trap, will Kirsty still own up to her actions?

Meanwhile, despite her vow to back away from Ryan and be loyal to Chesney, Katy finds it difficult to contain her jealousy when she sees her new love interest head out on the town with her friend Steph. Is she able to hide her torment from Ryan or will he have her rumbled?

And Faye has been thrilled to have her real Dad back in her life, but what does this mean for Anna and Owen? When she lies and tells Anna she can only get two tickets for her school play, will her plan to push Owen out of the picture become all too clear?