This week on Ramsay Street, Patrick's health is deteriorating rapidly, while Vanessa asks Lucas to give their relationship another go.

Paul uses all of his charm to get Sarah to stay, but she remains adamant that she wants to leave town. Callum gets proof of Sarah's whereabouts when he spots her by the lake and takes video footage of her on his mobile phone. However, when Sarah catches him, she bribes him and asks for him to keep her secret in return.

Elsewhere, driven to Karl, Sarah asks him to meet her back at the hotel. A shocked Karl agrees. When he arrives, he's relieved that Sarah doesn't intend to stay. Karl is thrilled to see Sarah on her way. But when Susan walks in and Sarah is giving him a goodbye kiss the situation goes from bad to worse. Could this officially be the end of the Kennedy marriage?

Meanwhile, Lucas makes his feelings clear for Vanessa but she is overwhelmed with concern for her baby. She asks Lucas for them to start afresh, and he agrees. Vanessa then confides in Sonya about the turbulent time she's having in the family accommodation unit. Sonya tells Lucas about Vanessa's concerns, so Lucas decides to move into the family accommodation with her.

Later in the week, Sophie shows Rani a horrible Facebook page that someone has created about her family in the wake of Priya's affair. Rani realises the page was inspired by her own post, and that the photos on it were taken from her page. But who could it be?