This week in Carraigstown, Tommy notices that relations are a bit stilted with Judith, while Decco checks for signs of life with Christy.

Charlotte tries to convince Vivienne to buy her a moped for her sixteenth birthday. She tries to get Decco on side by offering to help him with couriering. Over lunch in Vinos Charlotte pesters Vivienne for a moped. Ray comes in and Vivienne catches his attention. Hoping to get him on side she asks him his opinion on mopeds. He gets the hint and tells Charlotte that they’re far too dangerous, and that Gina would still be alive if she had been in a car that day.

Elsewhere, Tommy notices that relations are a bit stilted with Judith. In an attempt to rekindle their romance, Judith agrees to have a date night with Tommy. Vivienne approaches the two of them in Vinos and remarks to Judith that they seem to be back on track. Judith is less than convinced.

Meanwhile, Ama is keen to go out and look for work. Damien offers to make dinner later for them all. He heads off and leaves Wayne and Laura together. Wayne talks about Damien and Ama and the sexual tension between them. He says that this is a chance for Damien to get some action and that he’s goofing it up. Ama walks back into the kitchen and overhears Wayne. He tries to cover, but it’s too late, Ama overheard his action comment and is not pleased.

Later in the week, Eddie and Decco break into Phelan's, using Val’s keys but they quickly find themselves checking to see if Christy is alive. Christy is alive. Decco takes control of the situation and tells Eddie that he’ll kick in the back door to make it look like an outside job and to grab the rucksack. While Eddie makes a run for it, Decco phones the emergency services anonymously to let them know there is an injured man in Phelan's.