This week on the square Michael is pondering over the last few counterfeit notes when he receives a visit from Alice. She wants payment after babysitting Scarlett, but Michael is low on cash and contemplates paying her with the forged money. Later in the Minute Mart, Michael over hears Denise accusing Alice of trying to pay with a fake note, so a worried Michael quickly flees the scene.

Jack then arrives after receiving a distressed call from Alice and manages to stop Denise reporting the incident. Jack questions Alice as to where she got the note from, but she’s not willing to say and leaves Jack suspicious of Michael. Michael catches up with Alice later in the day and tries to persuade her not to tell Jack where she got the money from. Feeling bad Michael opens his wallet to pay her but he is skint.

Meanwhile Jack and Dennis try and organise a surprise breakfast in bed for Sharon however the romantic gesture is interrupted by a phone call from Phil. To Jack’s relief Sharon cancels the call and focuses her attention back onto them. Jack points out to Sharon that she could earn more money for less hassle if she worked in the West End, instead of R&R. Sharon asks Phil for a raise but he thinks he’s helped her out enough and tells her she can quit if she isn’t happy. Sharon calls Jack to tell him he was right and she may already have an interview lined up.

Later, Jack bumps into Phil and takes great pleasure in making him think that Sharon has a job interview. To stop Sharon from leaving her job, Phil decides to offer her a stake in R&R and she heads off to The Vic where she breaks the news to a furious Jack. Phil goes to confront Phil at The Arches and tells him to call the deal off. When Phil refuses, Jack punches him and he falls backwards into the pit. Jack challenges Phil to get up and fight but as he looks closely he realises that he is not moving and blood is tricking from his ear. What has Jack done?