At Home Farm, Declan’s determined to make an effort with Katie and put Charity to the back of his mind. Meanwhile, in the café Charity is interested to hear Katie and Declan have made up. Andy goes to Katie to tell her she is making a mistake as all Declan wants to do is control her. In order to explain why Andy is up at the house Katie tells Declan she and Andy are just friends, explaining she could never be with him, especially as he cheated on her.

This makes Declan feel even guiltier for his night with Charity. Just as Declan pours champagne for them both Charity interrupts to get the contract signed and Declan takes it into the office. Charity tells Katie she’s happy for them while Declan, anxious to get rid of Charity signs the contract. Megan sees her brother has something to hide and later questions him about how Charity got him to sign the contract, Declan is relieved when Katie suddenly interrupts.

Meanwhile, Edna's run of bad luck continues as she is forced to sell her father's medals for less than they are worth so she can pay her vet bill. Overcome with stress and suffering from a lack of food and and heat, Edna falls unconcious. She lies there all afternoon until Tootsie starts barking on hearing Jimmy’s voice. Jimmy sees Edna through the window and tells Rodney to call an ambulance whilst he starts kicking at the door. They talk to a woozy Edna who refuses to go to the hospital but reluctantly allows the paramedics to examine her. Soon Jimmy and Rodney are picking up the clues and realise Edna’s situation whilst Edna continues to try and cover. She finally breaks down in front of Jimmy as he says he knows what’s going on and should have helped sooner. Edna is devastated her pride has been taken from her - but can she now get the help she so deperately needs.

Elsewhere Bob is concerned about Brenda’s moods and begins to wonder if he’s the cause as perhaps she is having second thoughts about them. Brenda admits she has been a bit unwell recently but says it’s her hormones, although it is clear she is worried. Bob reassures her but Brenda explains she doesn’t want to visit the doctor, secretly worrying it could be something else...