Eva’s track record with the menfolk of Weatherfield has not been a good one and after being dumped by Nick and Rob, this week she starts to wonder if the more mature man may have more to offer. Lonely and unhappy Eva succumbs to gran Gloria’s fiance Eric’s proposition to travel the world with him. Eva’s keen to leave the Rovers behind and live a life of luxury but it soon becomes clear that she’ll be staying put and maybe Eric wasn’t everything he seemed!

Since baby Joseph was born over a year ago Katy and Chesney have been proving their critics wrong and getting on with family life. But is the novelty of playing grown-ups starting to wear off? When Katy gets a job in the kebab shop this week Ryan suddenly comes into her orbit and the possibility of a new exciting life opens up to her. It’s a dangerous game to play but as Ryan openly flirts with Katy will she succumb to temptation?

With Gail now aware that the baby Kylie’s carrying may be Nick’s, and not David’s, relations in the Platt household are strained. As she tries to force Kylie to reveal all to David it becomes clear that Gail is a ticking time bomb who needs dealing with. Nick’s determined that David will not discover his betrayal and as he piles the pressure on Gail to keep her mouth shut will her position in the house become untenable?

Anna’s relieved when Tim heads to Leeds with Jason on a job. She’s hoping it might be a case of out of sight out of mind but it soon becomes clear that’s not the case for Faye as Tim manages to cause problems for the family from afar.