This week on Ramsay Street, Rani pushes Priya too far, while Georgia is confused over her feelings for Kyle.

Doing her best to repair her relationship with her daughter, Priya’s lenient towards Rani at home, confident she’ll be afforded more respect at school. However, keen to make her mother pay, Rani pushes the boundaries at school, forcing Priya to make a choice about reprimanding her. Not wanting to push Rani even further away, Priya initially decides against it but when Rani goes a step further, she’s left with little choice but to punish her daughter.

Elsewhere, fired up Susan seeks out Paul and gets confirmation he has sold the paper. What’s worse, her job security is totally out of his hands. Supportive Karl offers Susan a drink in the hotel room he won, and invites her to vent about Paul’s selfishness. However when Sophie brings up the champagne and strawberries that are a complimentary part of Karl’s prize package, Susan suspects Karl is trying to take advantage of her vulnerability and leaves.

Meanwhile, Georgia prepares to head back home to see her boyfriend Scotty at his mother’s birthday event. But for reasons even she doesn’t fully understand, she is reluctant to go. She comes across Kyle’s sausage sizzle fundraiser and suggests he hold a car wash to plump the coffers. Kyle agrees but insists she stay and help out too.

Later in the week, When Lou sees Lucas and Vanessa’s closeness at the hospital, he misinterprets the situation. Lucas sets him straight that they are not a couple. Lou challenges Lucas to finally be honest with Vanessa, believing that this is the right time. Lucas contemplates telling Vanessa how he feels, but when he discovers Rhys unselfishly set up the foundation for Patrick as the only gesture he could make for Vanessa, Lucas realises he can’t take advantage of the situation. Rhys and Vanessa would be together still if it wasn’t for Patrick and unselfishly, Lucas urges Vanessa to reunite with Rhys.