This week in Summer Bay, Casey stands up for himself in prison, while Alf is incensed when more money is stolen from the caravan park.

Celia reveals to Alf that she fell for someone only to discover he was a conman; one that has taken her for all she’s worth. Alf is left with no option but to offer Celia a place to stay. Covering Celia’s secret it’s clear to Roo, Marilyn and Harvey there’s more to her extended visit than meets the eye. With Celia on the hunt for a job, Marilyn takes her to the diner for a shift with Irene. With her day spent chatting to customers Irene orders Marilyn to bite the bullet – she has to be fired.

Elsewhere, Jett presses Liam for VJ’s where-abouts only to be told it’s none of his business. It seems despite his protestations he’ll never find out what’s happened to his best mate. On the pier Jett discloses to Indi his concerns – he doesn’t really have any other friends. Indi reassures Jett that one day VJ will come back. In the meantime she’ll be his friend – he can’t have too many of those, right?

Meanwhile, Alf is incensed when more money is stolen from the caravan park. At the Diner, Irene too is dismayed to find that a $20 note has gone walkabout. It's a surprise to both when the money is handed back. Irene's suspicions are raised when Celia is seen to be around the place at the time of missing - and then returned - money. Alf is also starting become suspicious when Celia buys gifts for the family.

Later in the week, Zac places Casey in the gaol kitchen as the new kitchen-hand. It isn’t long before bad-guy Courtney is asking for favours – certain packages come with the food delivery and he’d like Casey to make sure those packages reach their destination. Finding the drugs amongst a bag of rice it seems Casey has succumbed to Courtney’s demands, but when Courtney arrives at Casey’s cell Casey drops a bombshell – he flushed the lot; he’s not doing any of Courtney’s dirty work!