This week in Carraigstown, Eddie manipulates Wayne in order to get his hands on Dolores' savings, while Dermot and Jo reassure a devastated Ben.

Niamh and Paul fret over the possibility of prison. Niamh supports Paul and reminds him that he is more than capable of getting the better of Wayne Molloy. Paul tells Wayne that it’s going to get ugly and reminds him that he can afford a barrister and legal fees. Wayne, in an attempt to smooth things over with Dolores, says that he no longer wants to invest. But Eddie is in the background reminding him it’s a one off deal and 'a life changer'.

Elsewhere, Charlie discusses community plans for the Gathering. Cass offers his storytelling services, but Charlie offends him by telling him that those kind of local resources are better left untapped. Charlie bounces off ideas to Val and Esther about the subject of his lecture. Neither Val nor Esther seems too riveted about the wool trade in nineteenth century Dublin. Cass approaches with his suggestion, the gift the Choctaw Nation gave the famished people of Ireland! Val is interested so Charlie decides to use Cass’s suggestion in his lecture.

Meanwhile, Dermot meets Jo outside Phelan's. Jo has had a bad night and morning with Ben who was refusing to go to school until he has seen Dermot. Jo reminds him that Ben has to get use to them having separate lives. Jo leaves Dermot to take Ben to school. Dermot tries to cheer Ben up, who is miserable. He promises to visit often, Ben is still upset, saying he doesn’t want visits he wants his Dad. Dermot loses his resolve and promises that he can see him whenever he wants, no matter what time, even if it’s the middle of the night when Ben has a bad dream.

Later in the week, in the community centre Charlie is preparing to give a talk on the famine but he’s dismayed when he sees Cass and Val approach. Val backs Cass up to give the talk, as an honorary member of the Choctaw Nation. Charlie insists that Cass is not hijacking his presentation. Val says that she could have Cass spin a yarn over Charlie droning on any time, especially as Cass is promising to speak in Choctaw. Cass practises his speech on Charlie who accuses him of inventing and exaggerating.