This week on Emmerdale, Lisa and Belle are at loggerheads when Belle doesn't do her chores. Lisa is sick of Belle's cheek and confiscates her phone. Later, Belle apologises and Lisa pulls her in for a hug. However, Lisa and Zak are later aghast when they discover raunchy pictures of Belle on her phone and realise they can’t trust her at all.

After their confrontation, Chas approaches Cain but Debbie appears and Cain is hard towards her, leaving Chas angry for holding out hope. Cain later comes to the pub and tells Chas that Debbie must not know that they are speaking and a happy Chas hugs Cameron. Moira is pleased when she discovers Cain is speaking to Chas.

Later, Moira has to see Cain at the garage when she has a fault with her car. Cain drops the car back to her afterwards, and Moira tells him that she doesn't want a stupid fling, she wants more than that, and tells him that they are over. She says she wants someone who can truly love her, and Cain blurts out that she already has that, leaving Moira shocked with his admission.

Moira later tells Chas about Cain admitting that he has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Cain is irked that he hasn't received any messages from Moira, and tells Debbie that he's going to Glasgow to get away for a few days. Moira heads out to confront Cain, and she ends up storming off, furious at him. However, later Cain produces a toothbrush and asks Moira if he can keep it in hers.

Elsewhere, Charity and Declan have dinner and enjoy flirting with one another. Later, at Home Farm, the pair end up kissing and give in to their passion. As Charity is dressing, Katie arrives home and calls out for Declan. Will she catch her cheating husband?