This week on the cobbles, Gail demands an explanation from Kylie, while David fears Kylie will lose the baby.

David heads off to London for a course leaving Kylie at home. Meanwhile when Gail finds a piece of paper with her bank details on, in the pocket of Lewis’s blazer, she realises it isn’t in Lewis’ handwriting. Will she discover who the writing belongs to?

Elsewhere, when Tim tells Faye he’s been laid off at work and will have to take a job in Kent she’s gutted. But, determined to keep her dad nearby Faye soon comes up with a plan.
Elsewhere Mandy moves the rest of her stuff into Lloyd’s flat including Flash, her tortoise. Katy’s friends swoon over Ryan.

Meanwhile, Katy’s thrilled when Chesney gives her some cash and tells her to go to Steph’s 18th birthday party as she deserves a night out. Steve comes up with a plan to replace Mandy’s missing tortoise. Lloyd’s unimpressed but he’s forced to go along with it.

Later in the week, David arrives at Kylie’s bedside, distraught that she may lose the baby. Kylie regains consciousness and lies to David, telling him she had a few drinks because she was missing him. As Gail fumes at Kylie’s deceit she suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Will Gail tell David the truth, that the baby he’s so scared of losing may not be his?